Baby M's Pre Night-Time Routine

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After mentioning briefly about Baby M's Night-Time Routine. I've decided to share Baby M's sleeping pattern/ schedule and Pre-Night Time Routine. Establishing a Pre Night-Time Routine is important in ensuring that your baby is able to fall asleep easily and soundly throughout the night. Implementing such routines in their earlier weeks will definitely help us, parents, to sleep better and also to be able to catch up on Netflix. haha

Alhamdulillah, Baby M doesn't give us a hard time at falling asleep. By 4 Weeks Old, We strictly followed through with our Pre-Night Time Routine. We put it upon ourselves to train him into falling asleep on his own. Even if it meant letting him fuss and cry for 5 Minutes. YES, I KNOW. It is very tempting to pick your baby up even if you hear the slightest shriek but babies are able to self-soothe and we allowed him to do that till he eventually falls asleep on his own -- trust me, parents, it will only get better from there. Less fussiness before bedtime. Not forgetting saving yourself from a backache from all the bending over to pick your baby up!

For Baby M, his Pre Night-Time Routine normally starts after Dinner. We'll give him his feed before his night-time bath. With the help of an amazing essential balm brand; AafiyaEssential that I started purchasing during my third trimester. It has helped not only Baby M but myself too! I religiously apply the balms daily since his birth. Baby M is only 4 months, I think its only normal to fear of the discomfort that he might have a colic issue or the sniffles. 

Calm Balm- Promotes relaxation and sleep. I apply this only during the night time for Baby M. He is able to fall asleep without it, but massaging this on him puts him into a more relaxed state and he'll fall asleep without fussing. 

Breathe Balm- Targets respiratory congestion: Sinus, flu and cough. It helps Baby M with getting phlegm out of his system. It would either show in his diapers or he will spit it out. 

Relieve Balm- Tummy discomfort: Colic, bloating and even nausea. This has saved me from my constant bloating during my last trimester, not forgetting my husband too. Applying this to Baby M's tummy to prevent the discomfort of colic (heard that it was a nightmare for some parents). Alhamdulillah, he hasn't gotten any major tummy discomfort but if he does. There's always this trustee balm

Smooth Balm- Helps with eczema, dryness and any skin irritation. During his first month, Baby M had a minor skin irritation from neonatal acne ( red or white bumps surrounded by red agitated skin) Most experts claim that it might be from the hormones that they received during the end of the pregnancy. Ever since then, I've applied it 2 times a day. Alhamdulillah, his skin has gotten better from the neonatal acne. However, his skin does act up every once in a while due to heat or irritation and it normally gets better after 3-4days. 

Here is a short clip featuring Baby M! It features the balms that I have mentioned above and how I would apply them on Baby M. 

Normally, Baby M will take about 30mins or so before he feels relaxed enough to go to bed. Swaddling him ensures that he feels snuggled and cosy. He will normally fall into a deep sleep then but we would wake him up after the 2nd hour to give him his last feed (totally breaking the rules of never waking up a sleeping baby) and after which his last diaper change before we parents turn in. He sleeps for a good 7-8 hours after that ( on good days, that is) He has days where he wakes up in the middle of the night but nothing too hard on us as he isn't like that on most days. 

All in all, what may work for my baby may not work for some. We all have to go through different trial and error phases before we get to the right one. May this post be beneficial to parents-to-be or new parents that are struggling to get their babies on a night-time routine. InshaAllah.

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