My Take On Baby Led-Weaning

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I've neglected blogging (AGAIN!) Sorry for the almost 3-month hiatus, readers. 

I was more distracted and uninspired than lazy, to be honest. Had been a scatter brain lately couldn't seem to shake it off. But I'm back with hopes that I would remain constant, InshaAllah

So recently, I have gotten a lot of questions regarding Baby M's diet as of 7 Months and how I got started on his solids. Before he turned 6 Months, I read and did a bit of research in regards to getting your baby started on solids and the term Baby Led Weaning kept showing up. I got really interested and started watching videos after videos of other mummies and their experiences with Baby Led Weaning. I got him started on  Baby Led Weaning at around 6 Months +, just like any typical Asian parent I started off with purées. Baby Led Weaning is not often brought up about in this society. It is not something that is viewed or widely accepted in the eyes of the older generation or public even! Baby M is not 100% on solids as he gets spoon-fed occasionally still. Whenever he is at his grandparents or outside. But I've kept him on a meal schedule which allows him to eat his solids, twice a day. 

*Disclaimer* I am not a pediatrician or doctor. I am just sharing my take and understanding of what Baby Led Weaning is. If you have more queries or concerns, do consult your pediatrician or doctor.

Here are more details on what Baby Led Weaning even means!

What is Baby Led Weaning? 

Baby Led Weaning or "BLW" for short means to offer your child soft-cooked, chewable and manageable slim and small pieces of foods instead of starting them off from the typical runny purée food or by the traditional spoon-feeding method. The "Weaning" aspect is to wean your baby off from formula or breast milk not completely but gradually. It is also important to note that the majority of the baby's nutrient still comes from his/her formula or breast milk. So, if you're worried that he/she  is not getting much of a good amount of food during his/her meal time (Especially when he/she gets started) offer milk after but you can try reducing his milk intake slowly because he might have already consumed some food and you don't want to waste 30ml or even 60ml of milk (be your own judge).  Once you're confident enough that he/she gets a good amount of food and nutrient, only then you are able to swap his initial milk feeding to a meal.  You will be able to explore BLW once your baby turns 6 Months. Here's my post on readiness signs and tips on getting started  with BLW:

What are the Benefits to BLW?
Honestly, there are way too many benefits to not try!

  • Your baby will always be part of your meal-time. There are days where it's almost impossible to even catch a meal with a baby around. So, try to schedule his/her meals together with yours and you'll be able to enjoy your food and at the same time manage or assist your baby whenever necessary. 
  • Introducing to him/her the different taste, smell, look, and textures to food. Unlike the usual spoon-feeding method of feeding purée where all the taste gets blended into one. Your baby is able to explore and recognize food independently at his/her own pace.
  • Your baby is always learning! Allow them the opportunity to embrace their own developments. As time passes by, you would be able to notice a drastic change in their hand-eye coordination skills. Your baby will be able to gauge how lightly or tightly they should grip the food depending on the texture and size of the food given. With the understanding that all foods come in different shapes, taste and texture only then they will gain the ability and confidence to chew on their food before swallowing them. 
  • BLW allows your baby to make a decision. Whether or not he/she wants to continue eating something or when he/she has had enough. This ensures that there is no force-feeding and no persuasion gimmicks such as the "Airplane or Train"
Disadvantages of BLW
The disadvantages of BLW may differ from others. Some may view this as disadvantages and some may not. But the reality of it all is that there are still a few important things to take note off. 

  • It can get really messy. The crumble, the pieces of food stuck between their legs, the mess on the floor, and food stains on their shirt. The mess is endless. But it will get better, take the mess as a learning curve for your baby. Once they have gotten the hang of it, you'd be sure to experience lesser food residue than when they first got started. 
  • The anxiety and fear of your baby choking. Firstly, it is important to take note of the differences between choking and gagging. It is essential that you identify the differences in order for you to feel confident about feeding your child. Here are 2 links that are helpful to me! May it be beneficial for all of you too!  &
  • The lack of support from other family members. Be prepared to answer lots of questions but don't let them stop you from trying BLW out! It is only natural for them to run to your child when he/she is in distress but assure them that you are aware of the differences between gagging and choking. Start with foods that are simple eg: A boiled carrot stick before being too ambitious whenever you're around them. In time, they will see how much it would benefit your baby too!

Baby Led-Weaning may not be for everyone. But it has been an absolute joy watching Baby M's food journey. He gets so excited whenever he sees something new on his food tray. Despite all the panicky moments and the occasional puking sessions. I couldn't be any prouder of him. Thank you Allah Subhanahu wa ta`ala for blessing me with such a cooperative boy. He has been nothing but exceptional in my eyes.

May it be beneficial to those who are interested in trying BLW out! May this post shine some light in regards to BLW in our society as well. Reap the benefits, Mummies! Try it. God Bless. 

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