Tips & Tricks On Getting Started With Baby Led-Weaning

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This a follow-up blog post on the tips & tricks on how to get started with Baby Led-Weaning. If you have not checked out my previous blog post on what is baby led weaning. Check out the link here!

How does one get started on BLW? 

Firstly, it is important to identify the readiness signs for your baby. Not every baby is able to start accepting solids once they hit 6 months old. So here's a list of readiness signs that your baby might display 

  • When your baby starts showing interest in food (eg: try snatching food off your hand)
  • Able to sit up with little to no support
  • When your baby is able to pick up objects and putting it straight into his/her mouth all while developing the "pincer" grab.
  • Able to chew even if he/she has a few or no teeth. 
What are the things that are necessary for me to have in order to get started?

To get started with BLW. There are a few things that are highly recommended to have in your BLW journey. The things listed might be optional but it would come in handy.
  • A High Chair or Booster Seat. This is important in ensuring that your baby is secure and is in an upright position. Keeping your baby upright is one of the most important factors of safe eating. Purchase one that has a tray attached and has easy to wash/wipe pieces too! Saves you the hassle of washing it over and over again.
  • A Bib Catcher. I cannot emphasize how helpful this bib catcher is. Not only does it help to get Baby M's clothes from getting dirty everytime he eats. It catches the food that falls either from Baby M's mouth or hands. Lesser food wastage! Most of the bib catchers are waterproof! So you are able to get it clean really easily.
  • A sippy cup or preferably something with a straw. Once you are starting to introduce solids to your baby, it is important to start offering them water too. In order for them to wash down all the solid food down easily and it will also help to loosen their bowels. 
  • Food Catcher. If you're using a High Chair you would find this very useful! It helps catches the food. So, lesser food wastage and also saves you a ton of cleaning. (I am using a booster chair and what I would do is lay down a big black plastic to catch the food) . 
What should I offer my baby as his/her "first foods"?

There are many things to offer to your baby. Start off with simple finger foods. Such as carrots, celery, sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli etc (the list is endless).  I would recommend boiling it first in order to soften the food for them and cutting them into slices which are 2 inches long!

Do not give up if you notice that your baby is spitting out all the food. What your baby is actually doing, is practicing to maneuver the food in his/her mouth whilst trying to chew on them. BE VIGILANT during their mealtimes and never leave them unattended.

You may introduce new finger foods every  2-3 days so that you are able to spot if your baby has an allergic reaction to any of the foods given. Once your baby has established the first stages of chewing  (do expect gagging, vomiting or both). You're able to start offering eggs, meat or poultry into their diet.

Be creative with their meals. Avoid salt, cooking oil and sugar! There are many sugar alternatives for babies such as dates, apricots & bananas. Also, avoid high choking risk foods. Here's a list of foods that one should avoid offering to their babies -

How do I store Pre-Made Food for my baby?

There are many ways to store Pre-Made Food for your baby. Here's a short clip on how I store all of my Pre-Made Food. Key is to store them in ziplock bags and ensure that the food does not touch each other and store it in the freezer. So that it would be easier for you to take the right amount of food out without having to thaw the whole bag which will deplete the storage life of the food made.

The storage life of the frozen Pre-Made food can last up to 3 months if kept properly. However, I would recommend making it in batches that would last up till a month to be safe!

Slow progress is better than no progress at all. Some babies take longer than others to get the hang of it. So have patience and never give up! I hope these tips and tricks would come in useful when you decide to get your baby on BLW! May Allah Subhanahu wa ta`ala ease.

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